Residential, Commercial or Rural

Are you needing a reliable painting service for any of the following?:

  • Earthquake repairs
  • Complete house repaints or renovation
  • House alterations
  • Large commercial buildings
  • Rural projects
  • New, and existing roofs
  • Minor touch-ups

Beautify and Protect Your Property

With years of painting experience under their belt, Multi-scape offers professional results to clients throughout Christchurch and Canterbury. Your property will look a million dollars and benefit from quality materials that deliver long lasting projection. Your job will be treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Our painters will finish the job on time with the highest quality finish, and take care of the budget along the way.

No matter what the scope of work, all jobs are thoroughly assessed and accurately quoted on. Paul and his team always take the time to fully understand your requirements, considering colour, finish, appropriate materials for exterior jobs, project management logistics and safety. As always Multi-scape endeavours to cause as little disturbance to daily life as possible throughout each project. For all your painting requirements choose Multi-scape for quality workmanship and guaranteed satisfaction of our services.

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