Stop moss, mold, algae and lichen in its tracks

Concerned about the appearance or condition or your roof? Is it time to re-paint for years of added projection?

Multi-scape now offers a professional cleaning service to prep your building or home before painting. Or, to help keep up with your property maintenance. We use specialised products and equipment that are safe and biodegradable (MAF approved), and they work effectively without causing any damage.

We can clear moss, mold, algae and lichen from:

  • Roofs
  • Driveways
  • Cobbles
  • Fences
  • House exteriors
  • BBQ areas

No high pressure water-blasting or power-washing is used, as these techniques can cause damage to the treated surface. Please note, because of this more natural and gentle approach, you won’t see immediate results. Your roof will take approximately 12 months to completely clean depending on the age, type and condition of your roof. It then takes a good 6 rainfalls to wash away the dead vegetation. After 12 months we recommend applying our ‘Moss Proofing’ product to stop regrowth and maintain your roof in a clean and sound condition.

After just 2 relatively simple treatments your roof will maintain lasting results for years to come. Here are a list of reasons and benefits for getting your roof treated by Multi-scape:

  • No water-blasting means no chance of stripping the tiles surface granules and shortening tile life expectancy. Also, there is no risk of flooding the inner roof space.
  • The chemical application will soak into the tile and into the overlap to kill off any tiny spores and other organic growth.
  • You won’t have to worry about lichen causing severe damage to paint finishes, Coloursteel coatings, and stone chip coated roofs.
  • We save you money by using nature to wash away the vegetation. We only need to make 2 treatments with out manually washing away the growth.
  • Stay safe, most accidents happen at home! Call in a professional like us to do the job instead of taking the risk without using the required safety measures.

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Water-blasting, Gutter Clearing & General Exterior House & Building Cleaning

Servicing residential and commercial, we will get your property looking as good as new!

Lets face it, exterior cleaning can be a messy and time consuming job. And, not so easy without the proper equipment. Save yourself time, money (quality equipment isn’t cheap) and the hassle of the DIY approach. Spend your free time relaxing while using our cost effective and professional exterior cleaning service.

Also, the DIY approach is not always the safest option. Remember most accidents happen at home, especially on jobs like climbing up ladders to reach your guttering.


Our professional and powerful equipment means we have the pressure-power to blast almost any job clean! At the same time, we take the upmost care not to damage your garden or any part of your property. We set and control the pressure to adapt to each cleaning task. Whether it is a low pressure building wash, or graffiti blasted from your fence or wall with high pressure…we will get the job done right every time! Multi-scape is available to come to your property to clean:

  • Paths
  • Walls
  • Driveways
  • Swimming Pools
  • Plant and Machinery
  • Boats
  • Tanks

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Gutter Cleaning and Window Cleaning for you home

In extreme cases blocked gutters can cause dampness and mold build up. Going even further, this can lead to bacterial growth and affect the air quality of your home! Quotes from the healthy building science website state – Significant mold growth due to water damage is of the greatest concern. Hidden water damage can promote significant mold growth that can seriously affect occupant health  – Proper drainage is key to preventing excess moisture entering a building, a basement, or crawlspace and leading to dry rot or mold growth.It also states that one aspect of ensuring good drainage of your home is to make sure that your gutters are regularly cleared of leaves and other debris.

Again, our service can save you money! Looking after your guttering with regular cleaning can double the life expectancy of your gutters.

Our residential window cleaning service is for all sizes of homes and apartments, and yes we clean both internal and external windows. We have the top industry standard equipment to get the job done quickly and deliver amazing results.

For both health, and property maintenance reasons, make sure to call Multi-scape today for 100% satisfaction in your home cleaning services.