For all Carpentry and Concrete Work…

Multi-scape has the expertise and equipment to complete a wide range of construction projects, on time and to a high level of workmanship.

Anyone discussing their building and construction needs with Paul Hall of Multi-scape quickly realizes they are dealing with someone with a vast knowledge and skill base.

Compared to Multi-scape, not many other independent contractors have the experience, equipment, and skilled support to match what Paul Hall can offer in terms of scoop and scale. He has been making landscapes and structures work in harmony for 25 years. His varied experience means he is able to be flexible and adaptable to your needs and particular situation.

Key building and construction services offered by Multi-scape include:

  • Building
  • Construction
  • Digger work
  • Concreting
  • Sheds of all types including unique custom designs that stand as an attractive feature on your property.
  • Re-roofing and repairs
  • Home maintenance and rebuilding parts of a home as things deteriorate over time.

View the project gallery to see some examples.


Multi-scape truly believes in quality and maintaining beautiful craftsmanship allowing you to enjoy those sentimental pieces for years to come. Paul will take on those odd jobs that other companies might tend to by-pass. As an example, he recently replaced the roofing of an older home working with old oak and rimu timber framing. These materials will last another lifetime due to the care and value placed on them – this expresses a lot about the ethos behind Multi-scape.

If you are looking for a builder who will take on almost any building and construction task – who consistently goes the extra mile  – loves giving attention to the details for truly unique results – who never compromises on quality – and is ‘straight-up’ with all communications with no surprises … then call Paul today for a free consultation.