“Multiscape ~ I am about quality and longevity”

Over the past 25 years Multiscape has earned a strong reputation for unique designs and quality workmanship. Beginning in the 1990’s, he has been fencing, designing, constructing and building in the Nelson and Canterbury region.

Paul came from a rural background and from a young age was outside building things and running big machinery. Paul has always loved to be hands on and creative with his work. He has developed and expanded his skill base over the years, and enjoys bringing a wide range of services and benefits to his clients.

Paul really enjoys the variety in his work – “I tend to do a lot of one off jobs as every job is different. You have to take in the lay of the land, working out what’s possible and what’s not.  Also, what’s appeasing to the eye in any given environment. I use only quality products and am proud to say that my workmanship stood up to the Canterbury earthquakes – I am about quality and longevity.  I always use high grade materials that will stand up year after year in the outside elements”.

If you have any queries about the services Paul offers, or wish to get a quote, please contact Paul today.